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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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Chief Surveyor-General’s Office duties in term of Land survey ACT NO. 8 of 1997

The Chief Surveyor-General shall be in charge of such CADASTRAL SURVEYING and LAND INFORMATION SERVICES in the Republic as the Minister may direct and, subject to this Act, shall -
§         Promote and control all matters connected with those surveys and services;
§         Conduct such cadastral survey related research as may be required;
§         Take charge of and preserve the records of all surveys and operations which do not form part of the records of an office of a Surveyor-General and  which were carried out before the commencement of this Act or under this section;
§         Prepare, compile and amend such maps and other documents as may be required;
§         Supervise and control the survey and diagrammatic representation of land for purposes of registration in a deeds registry;
§         Regulate the procedure in each Surveyor-General's office and determine the manner in which this Act shall be carried out;
§         Any land surveyor employed in the office of the Chief Surveyor-General may, if authorized thereto by the Chief Surveyor-General, perform any specified act or task which may be performed in terms of this Act or any other law by the Chief Surveyor-General.

Cadastral Surveys in South African Context
The security of title associated with each parcel of land in South Africa has long provided a basis for the private sector to finance physical development. The great advantage of South Africa's cadastral survey system is that it accurately identifies the position of each parcel of land and the extent of rights over it. The offices of the four Surveyors-General examine and approve all cadastral surveys for the registration of ownership of property and real rights in land.

Cadastral records

There are Eight(8) Surveyor-General's offices in South Africa, each of which regulates cadastral surveys in the provinces for which it is responsible.

The offices of the Surveyors-General process survey records, including the examination, approval and safe-keeping of all survey records relating to all diagrams, general plans and draft sectional plans for registration purposes, relating to the provinces under their jurisdiction. In addition, general plans depicting thousands of erven surveyed for the former Department of Development Aid are being upgraded so that they may be registered in deeds registries when required

The fact that the Surveyor-General's office holds complete records of all cadastral surveys ensures that there is virtually no possibility of properties overlapping and, once registered, little chance of conflicting claims to ownership.

The Surveyor-General's offices enable the above processes by performing the following functions:

Land Survey Act 8, 1997 (Act 8 of 1997)

Sectional titles Act 95, 1986 (Act 95 of 1986)

Service Delivery

Service Excellence
  • Provide Service Excellence in the provision of cadastral information (paper and digital) and other spatially related data to Government and provincial Departments, Land Surveyors, Attorneys, Conveyancers and the General Public.